Blogging for Money vs Blogging for Fun


                Blogging has been a part of my life for a few months now. But there are some things that you might want to look into, like finding a clear purpose for you blogging. Else all of your time is being wasted on blogging. Before you get started on any job, you should have a clear aim of what you expect from that particular job. This isn’t just the case for blogging. It’s for anything you do. You can vastly define your purpose of blogging into two

1. Blogging for Money
2. Blogging for Fun

                Almost 99% of all the blogger fall into either of the category. And more than 50% of these are blogging for the profit they can earn from their blogs.  Meanwhile there  are some other people who love sharing their thoughts and information with the world , without a business mentality. Those few are the ones that I really admire. Sadly I fall among the first category as well. So what is with the different purposes of blogging  
                Blogging for money or profit is really a good  way earning some money for yourself. The motive here is to find contents that  are pleasing to the readers and present it in a way that the  reader might like. It really is hard work.  You can’t start a blog one day and earn money using it overnight. It  takes patience and will power . Just like the saying “ Rome was not built in a day”, no good blog became as such overnight. It sure is the sweat and hard-work of many bloggers world-wide.  There are different ways for earning through your blog. Some of the methods are publishing ads , affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, sponsored reviews etc. The amount of the money you receive always depends upon the quality and not the quantity of your blog.

                What I actually see with these kind of bloggers are , first they read or hear about earning through online from somewhere and with that excitement, they start a blog. But eventually the heat goes down with every passing day and gradually , they stop it. But very few of them don’t give and such people are really successful bloggers that earn a lot these days. So now we know that the major advantage of a profit targeted blog is obviously the profit. But there has to be some dark side. Yes, like any other field, this one has some disadvantages too. The first and foremost problem I find with these bloggers are that , their freedom over the articles that they produce is very cornered. Such a blogger has to take care of different aspects like audience , language, grammar, keywords, meta tags, SEO and a lot more of stuff. You just can’t post some random stuff off your mind. This really bugs me sometimes.

                A blogger that blogs for fun is a rare sight now a days. Most of the fun targeted bloggers are usually moms that has a lot of free time to spare. There are some dads too who does the same. They mostly tell their experiences from their point of view and they are free to open their heart out while blogging. There aren’t many restrictions with  blogging for fun. It is also done by people who have a good income and want to spend their free time sharing information with others all over the world. You don’t have to worry about keywords or SEO or anything like that if you are blogging just for fun. If you blog becomes a huge hit, then you can even think about from the same blog, but you will have to look into all the technical matters. To be frank, there isn’t a dis-advantage with blogging for fun. If you have the right perspective and really do enjoying blogging for what it is and not the profit, then  there aren’t any dark sides to this. 

                Then there is a common 3rd kind that is the mixture of these two types of bloggers. These kind are either the people who started blogging as fun targeting bloggers and then turned into a profit seeking bloggers or the people who started blogging seeking a source of income and then turned into fun blogger either because they were not making little money or found blogging to be actually fun.

                Any person can be a blogger. And if you can’t believe me , just look at me. I never knew I’ll be blogging like this a few years ago. So it’s up to the blogger to choose the right purpose of your blogging. If you have already started blogging, think about it now. Better late than never right?  As for others, now you know how important the purpose for blogging is and I am quite sure you’ll remember this if you ever start blogging

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